Frequently Asked Questions

What is Happening @ Marland Children’s Home?

Is MCH closing?

No.  We plan to continue serving the needs of children the best way we can.  Our mission is to bring children (who for whatever reason find themselves in the DHS system) together with nurturing families.  We believe that a nurturing family can make a positive difference in a child’s life.

Are there any children left out there at Marland Children’s Home?

Yes.  MCH staff has been able to place children with foster families who live on our site as well as with other foster families who live off site.  We provide support for these family units in the way of housing, training, and community.  We no longer have any children in group home living arrangements.


Why are there no longer children in the dormitories?

The federal and state governments have been working to eliminate the need for group housing for children in “the system” by finding placement for these children in foster homes.  This is based on the idea that the right family situations can enhance opportunities for children who would have typically fallen into the group home realm.


Why are you demolishing buildings?

We are taking down some buildings to provide room for future single family new construction. 

Since we will no longer be housing children in group home settings, we no longer need the dormitory arrangements we have now.  Additionally, we have experienced a variety of maintenance issues with some of these buildings.  We have considered renovating existing buildings into more suitable family housing and have discovered that it is more cost effective to create new housing than to renovate the existing buildings.  Factors we have considered are the age of the buildings, the functionality of the buildings, requirements for bringing them up to code, and the best use of current and future resources.


What about all the support we have given you in the past?

It is this support that has brought us to where we are today.  Every person that supports MCH believes that the children we have served and those we will serve in the future deserve the opportunity to grow into responsible adults.  As with most things in our world, this vision looks far different in 2020 than in did at the inception of the American Legion Children’s Home or even when we transitioned to Marland Children’s Home.  It is time for us to work cooperatively with other agencies to tip the scales toward success—success for foster parents, foster children and ultimately each of us.


What can we expect in the future?

The staff and board of directors of Marland Children’s Home will continue to work toward best case scenarios in caring for the children in our charge.  Yes, our needs have changed.  Yes, our staffing has changed.  Yes, our physical plant is changing.  We are working to retool and provide the things that will better facilitate our mission.  As we develop more finite long range plans, we will keep the community informed.  We will be asking for your continued support and seeking capital commitments to bring these plans to fruition. 


What do we believe?

We believe it is in the very fiber of Ponca City to care for the disadvantaged children who attend our schools and live in our community.  It is this belief that has seen MCH through good times and trying times.  It is this belief that will see us into the future.


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