We not only meet the Oklahoma Department of Human Services requirements, we go beyond the basic level of care in order to provide our children with the necessary tools to become stronger individuals. Our program includes: ongoing training for foster families, in-home support from Family Specialists, social events, etc. Our program focuses on youth development with emphasis on educational/vocational success, self-confidence, establishing permanent connections, community involvement and contributing to society.

Supportive Services


Marland Children’s Home provides monthly training focusing on the following areas: developing a culture of care, understanding child development, responding to therapeutic foster children, and teaching independent living skills. Training will also address development in the areas of social skills, sexuality, spirituality, and morality. Other classes will cover responding to children in adolescence and building relationships with children that have experienced trauma.   





































Our team members will remain knowledgeable about resources in our community and surrounding areas in order to meet the needs of our children and families to help direct them toward the necessary tools to make this journey successful and enriching for everyone.

Here at Marland Children’s Home we make it a priority to keep up with events happening in Ponca City and strive to participate in some way. We also will share this information with our foster families so they too may choose to participate in events going on in Ponca City and our surrounding areas. This will enable our foster families to build connections with others in the community.













MCH staff are excited to have foster families on our campus as well as in the community and encourage them to interact with one another. Our staff will help plan social events periodically to promote building relationships with each other. This can include special holiday gatherings or other celebrations. An “End of School Bash” is a tradition we would like to continue at the end of each school year.  











Family Specialists will help our foster families navigate through services that will meet the individual needs of our foster children. MCH can also provide information regarding community resources that will assist with school supplies and clothes if needed. Information regarding school functions and activities to encourage building social skills and interpersonal relationships can also be provided.  We can assist our foster families in advocating for them to the school systems by attending IEP meetings if needed, and assisting with any other academic needs that can improve their quality of education.



















Respite care provides temporary relief for foster parents and has been shown to reinforce behavioral and developmental skills, reduce out of home placements, and decrease negative behaviors. Therapeutic foster children have a set amount of paid respite days for the year and our staff can help locate respite homes.


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